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For other services and installation of parts during a Tune Up, Tune Up Plus or an Overhaul, we offer a discount on labour as compared to a service done separately.

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The best time of year to get your bike tuned up is during the off season. If you are storing your bike during the winter anyways, it is a perfect time to get your "Spring Tune Up" done. You won't miss it as much, and since we aren't as busy, there won't be a long wait to get your bike back. Then in the spring, it is just a matter of topping up the air in your tires and hitting the trails or road!

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Tune Up

How often?

When a bicycle is being used regularly, it should be tuned up once a year minimum. Of course everyone rides their bike to varying degrees and in different conditions, therefore it is a good idea to have it inspected by our trained technicians. 

What should I do to maintain my bicycle?

There are a few things you can do yourself at home between tune-ups. One of the most important things is to keep your bike clean and drive train parts lubricated. Every so often depending on use, apply a light weight dry lube such as Muc-Off Dry Lube to the chain, freewheel and derailleur pivots. Another thing you can do yourself is to check the tire pressure. A floor pump with a pressure gauge is a handy thing to have since inner tubes do bleed air over a period of time. Riding with the proper tire pressure will decrease rolling resistance making it easier to pedal and also reduce the chances of getting a flat tire. The recommended pressure will be printed on the sidewall of the tire. One more thing is to look and listen to anything that may not seem quite right. For example; gears are hesitating to change or making clicking sounds, or the brake pads are rubbing on the rim etc.

Tune Up Packages

Pit Stop $49.99

For the recreational rider to ensure safety of their bicycle for the road.

-basic adjustment of gears and brakes

-inspection of all other external parts

Tune Up $69.99

For the recreational cyclist to get their bike ready for the road or trail.

-gear and brake adjustment

-trueing of wheels

-all parts and accessories adjusted and/or tightened

-general cleaning of bicycle

-lubrication of chain

-tires inspected for wear and inflated to correct pressure

-complete inspection of bicycle to ensure safety

Tune Up Plus $99.99

For the avid cyclist who desires the best possible performance of their bicycle.

-complete TUNE UP (as listed above)

-a DTC (drive train cleaning) where the drive train is removed and cleaned in a solvent tank, then lubricated 

Overhaul $139.99

"The Works" is designed for the advanced cyclist/ racer who demands optimum performance from their bicycle. This procedure is done only by our most experienced mechanics. 

-full disassembly of bicycle, thoroughly cleaning and inspection of all serviceable parts

-reassembly using Finishline lubricants and new ball bearings if necessary

-a TUNE UP then completes "The Works"

*NOTE: Parts are not included in above package prices and prices do not include tax